Professional Career Courses

Structural Steel detailing Basic:

“ Steel Detailing Training” is suitable for people who need Fast training in Steel detailing environment with a brief explanation about the industry. This course will introduce the student to steel detailing fundamentals and the basics of structural steel design principles.

Structural Steel detailing Advanced:

Advance in “ Steel Detailing” is suitable for people who need to become a steel detailing professional. After this course, students will be eligible for the post of Jr Steel Detailer/checker Post.
At the end of the course, students will be familiar with the important concepts involved in the structural steel industry, have a strong grasp of the mathematics behind structural drawings, and be able to create and understand structural steel drawings.

BIM Basic:

This program was designed for architectural students perceiving better careers and professional architects/firms wanting to upgrade their skill sets in the field Architectural design. Applicants are not required to have knowledge of BIM as pre-requisite to this course.

BIM Advanced:

These are ideal courses for students as well as professionals alike who wish to get ahead in their careers in the exciting field of BIM (Building Information Modeling. This course will improve project coordination, energy analysis and simulation to improve the life cycle of a project. These courses not only teach the software but also critical concepts to enable participants to grasp the depth of the pre-construction design process. Besides giving an opportunity to actually work within a professional environment and get invaluable work experience. This course features an intensive 2 to 4 months classroom training program covering the entire 2D / 3D / BIM Workflow process.